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Autumn Skye - Healing

eco- friendly recycled silver

We care so much for our mother earth and wanted to show this passion through every piece of jewellery created . Because of this every piece in the making of our jewellery is made with eco friendly recycled silver.

Using recycled silver does not affect the quality of the silver, the only silver used in the creation of our jewellery is 925 sterling silver. 

Why go ECO? The mining process used to extract silver is highly destructive towards our planets eco- system releasing toxic by-products affecting the air quality, water and the ecosystem balance of organisms.  Lands are cleared of trees and wildlife in order to create large mining pits. Protect our beautiful home by choosing ethically sourced recycled silver :)


Custom Orders

I am always open to creating something unique for you!

I love to hear your your stories, whether they are positive or challenging and use these experiences to

co-create a magical piece for you together. A talisman to assist you on your path in this life.


:: Ideas to keep in mind ::

~Stone selection could be based on birth stones, healing properties or favourite colours.

~Ring, Pendant or bracelet 

~For yourself or loved one 

~Symbolism you would like to include

 If your creation is something aligned with my style & possible for me to create, 

send me a message below with details of the custom piece and we can discuss further how to bring your ideas into creation!

Get in touch about your custom creation 

Thank you for your message, we hope to get back to you soon..

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