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Tantra yoga 

The word tantra translates to instrument for expansion, it is through this practice we can come to meet our true self.

The self that is unclouded by social conditioning, shame and fear.

We celebrate our uniqueness beyond all comparisons.


Using traditional lineage-based practices coming from both Sri Vidya and Kashmiri Shaivism traditions. Incorporating Moon, Sun & Fire practices. This practice is medicine for the modern mind. 


A deep, challenging Asana practice with longer holds and an emphasis on creating stability and calmness of both body and mind. Awakening our awareness of our life force energy ~ Prana, we learn to harness this energy. Still the mind and burn through limitations. 

Asana is only a small aspect of this practice. Our ultimate goal is to come to stillness in deep meditation. We use Pranayama (breathwork), Mantra (sound) and Bandhas (energy locks) to guide our awareness inwards to touch that pure space of stillness that exists beyond the thinking mind. 

This practice is suitable for every and anyone who is looking to dive deeper within the realms of the traditional path of yoga. 

A space that meets you exactly where you are, a place to expand together. 

Beginning my love journey with yoga at the young age of 9, I have completed over 450 hours of yoga training in both Traditional Tantra and Hatha Yoga. 

Always a student, looking to dive deeper into this powerful practice.  Incorporating the lessons learned through my trainings as a holistic therapist as well as the knowledge gifted though my energy healing training.

I hope to offer an open healing space to my students, a space to heal past wounds, work through their emotions and bring them to a place of inner peace. Ultimately bringing about a deep connection with their true self

- a home coming if you will.

I incorporate many healing modalities such as sound and cleansing smoke into my sessions - leaving my clients feeling deeply nourished, grounded and with a sense of optimism 

for their future 

eilis reilly

Booking & Enquiries 

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